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Who is Practice Pizzazz for?

Practice Pizzazz is for anyone who wants to revitalize their violin practice, especially

  • Bored or burned-out violin kids
  • Busy parents who want the best for their kids but are strapped for time

You might also love Practice Pizzazz if you are a

  • Violin teacher who wants to help their students practice more effectively and efficiently and love doing it
  • Kid at heart

Basically, if you play the violin, Practice Pizzazz is for you.

What is Practice Pizzazz?

Practice Pizzazz is your online violin practice buddy. 

It’s what my mom and I wished we had when I was taking violin lessons as a kid, it’s what I want for my violin families as a teacher now, and it’s even what I wished I had in college as a violin performance major. 

You'll find 4 things on Practice Pizzazz:

1. Bite-sized violin tutorials

Practicing the violin is no fun at all if it doesn’t make sense.

I keep the violin lesson videos short to match kids’ attention spans (and mine–ha!) and to help parents who have limited time and need to pack a lot of punch into every minute. I also create written posts to go with the videos. That way, you can feel free to reference a video, blog post, or both–whatever works better for you.

These mini lessons aren’t meant to replace your real-life teacher. What they are meant to do is enhance your violin lessons by clarifying concepts, giving you that extra confidence that you’re helping your child correctly, connecting the dots of how all the violin techniques work together–and just getting you excited to practice.

Watch the violin videos on your own to help your child or watch them together. I do all my explanations and demonstrations with kids in mind!

Many of my tutorials also have free printables, including reference pages for you to print out and stick in your violin binder and worksheets to help solidify the concepts.

You can get access to the Violin Vault here.

2. Engaging and effective practice games

I really and truly believe that practicing should be fun–that’s the whole premise of Practice Pizzazz! Practicing at home shouldn’t be tedious, but it often becomes something we argue over, dread, or even hate.

If I had to recommend just one change for you to make to your child’s practice time, it would be to play games, especially if your kid is bright and full of beans. And not just any old game, but a practice game. 

Play the practice games on Practice Pizzazz with your kids to

  • Have fun practicing violin
  • Give them ownership
  • Create a healthy routine while still having variety
  • Challenge your child
  • Push them mentally, physically, and musically–without pushing them over the edge

You can find lots of printables in the Violin Vault.

3. Activities that help connect kids to the violin away from the instrument

The more that kids identify as violinists, even when they’re not playing their instrument, the more likely they are to stick with it and succeed. So I’m creating activities like violin Mad Libs, brain teasers, jokes, arts and crafts, violin-inspired recipes, and more.

You can find lots of activities in the Violin Vault.

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4. Things that make the parent’s life easier

The parent of a young musician wears so many hats, and sometimes all at once. Not only are you the chauffeur, money bags, cook, referee, doctor, and maid, but you’re also the cheerleader, hugger, schedule-keeper, at-home teacher… I’m getting tired just writing this list of your responsibilities. And we both know that I’m only scratching the surface.

Let’s not add practice police to that list.

Practice time is an amazing chance to strengthen your parent-child bond, even if your child practices independently. I am constantly amazed at the love, time, and devotion that parents invest into their child via music lessons. 

Imagine you just finished practicing violin with your child. You’re confident that the practice session went well and will go well again tomorrow. You can see real progress in your child’s violin skills, but more importantly, you see that violin practice is helping you all grow into more beautiful souls a little bit everyday. With you, your child is learning discipline, dedication, and critical thinking, not to mention becoming a skilled musician.

I created Practice Pizzazz to facilitate those amazing violin practice days, but also to help you get through those practice days that are rough and to start fresh the next day.

What Next?

Have fun exploring this site, watching violin tutorials, learning new practice games, trying out violin-themed activities, and getting inspiration. 

Want to get unlimited access to the ever-growing Violin Vault, my free resource library full of printables, infographics, practice game kits, and more?

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Thanks for hanging out with me, and watch this space because big things are coming!

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Hey, I’m Caitlin.

I’m Caitlin, a violin-playing, Harry-Potter-reading, pug-adoring musician. I love kids and the violin, and I love teaching kids the violin. I created Practice Pizzazz to help you have fun learning and practicing, all while keeping technical and musical integrity. Read More

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