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On this shop page, you’ll find the specific brands and types of violin tools and accessories I recommend.


Chromatic tuner

Tuning fork

Light rosin

Dark rosin

The light rosin comes in a pack of 4, which is helpful if you shatter or lose one or if you’re often on the go. I love to play with dark rosin, but experiment with what kind of rosin sounds and feels good for you.

Peg dope

Set of violin strings

Make sure you check if you need ball or loop end before you order strings.

Cleaning cloth


Dampit Humidifier

Sponge-Box Humidifier

Both a Dampit and a sponge-box are good options for violin humidifiers. What matters more than what type of violin humidifier you have is just that you regularly use a humidifier.

Nail clippers

Rubber bands


Shoulder rest

Make sure you get a sponge or shoulder rest to match the size of your violin.

Case backpack straps

Bam violin case

Backpack straps on a violin case are super convenient if you take your violin outside your home often (to lessons, school, rehearsals, performances, etc.). I’ve had this Bam case for over ten years, and I love it.


Harry Potter sheet music

Suzuki Method books

Nurtured by Love (Kindle)

Nurtured by Love (Paperback)

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