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The #1 Predictor of Success in Online Music Lessons

The #1 Predictor of Success in Online Music Lessons

When it comes to your child switching from in-person to online music lessons, your attitude as the parent is the most important predictor of success.

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The #1 Predictor of Success in Online Music Lessons

When it comes to your child switching from in-person to online music lessons, your attitude as the parent is the most important predictor of success.

With music teachers all over the world transitioning their lessons online, so many parents are feeling nervous, inadequate, unprepared, and FRAZZLED.

It’s going to be okay. You can do this!

Your positive attitude is more important than your technological know-how, your musical skills, and anything else you can think of.

You’ll need certain things for success. Of course, you need fast internet, an in-tune instrument, and a willing child (or at least one who’s not totally belligerent). But you have the power–maybe even more than the teacher–to help your child be excited for their online music lessons or to dread them.

If you see the transition to online music lessons as an adventure, your child will be more likely to mirror your enthusiasm. You may even discover new things about your child.

Be patient while your teacher works out any kinks. When the teacher and parent together lead by example to be adaptable, it gives the child a chance to show commitment and resilience, too.

And when something goes wrong (as it surely will sooner or later!), don’t give up–especially if you’ve had success in your child’s in-person lessons.

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Here’s what other music teachers say

I surveyed some music teachers around the world via an online music teacher forum to ask about their #1 recommendation for parents making the switch to online music lessons for their child. The overwhelming response was that the parent’s cooperation, excitement, and patience are essential and so important for children. Here’s what a few music teachers had to say:

  • “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be good/worthwhile/beneficial.”
  • “Even with prevention, there may be glitches–and that’s okay! We will work through this together!
  • “Part of what we do in tough times is be willing to adapt to change….Let’s laugh and solve problems together. We’re a team.”
  • “Remember, we’re all figuring this out together.”
  • “During such an unprecedented time of uncertainty, your children need consistency and relationship more than ever! This is a chance for your child to have that with their private instructor!”
  • “In order for us to learn the best way to teach your specific child, we need to experiment. Don’t worry if something isn’t working. We have to learn what doesn’t work in order to find the best tactic. Online lessons are absolutely a viable alternative, but there has to be an adjustment period for the new format to work.”

In short, don’t let online music lessons disrupt your life. Instead, let them enrich your life.

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Your Turn

Do you agree that the parent’s attitude is the #1 indicator of success in a child’s online music lessons? What has your experience been? Let me know in the comments below!

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