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About Me

I’m Caitlin Smith, Creator Of Practice Pizzazz. 

I’m Passionate About Making Violin Practice Fun!
Caitlin Smith violin

I’m a professional violinist who teaches, performs, and researches. Practice Pizzazz was born from my experience teaching violin for 15 years and playing violin for over 25 years. I love what I do.

I have two degrees in violin performance, including a graduate degree from the Royal Academy of Music in London, one of the best music schools in the world.

And I have taken Suzuki violin teacher training courses for all ten books, plus extra Suzuki pedagogy classes. (Check out my Suzuki teacher bio here.)

But if you had known me as a kid, you would never have believed it.

I started playing violin as a rambunctious four year-old. I’m the youngest of five in my family, and I was the last kid at home during the day while my older siblings were at school. I was driving my mom crazy, so she put me in violin lessons.

My parents and teachers were loving and patient, but practice (the dreaded “P” word in our house) was a constant source of frustration.

From ages 4 to 11, I slowly plodded through Suzuki Books 1, 2, and 3. Emphasis on slowly—and sometimes painfully.

caitlin violin
Half smiling because I got to dress up fancy for a recital, half scowling because my mean parents were making me practice. Thanks for noticing my nice bow hold, though.

Around age 12, I caught the vision of being a violinist and started working hard, almost overnight.

By age 16, I had finished the Suzuki books and was morphing from the little kid who pestered her parents to a passionate musician. (I don’t pester you guys anymore, right, Mom and Dad?)

Fast forward several more years

I have performed in concert halls all over the world, from Budapest’s Liszt Academy to Beijing’s Poly Theater. And I took my violin studies all the way to London, where I rubbed shoulders with some of the best musicians alive today.

violin graduation
I’ve even quit scowling in pictures.

Okay, enough chit chat about me!

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Hey, I’m Caitlin.

Welcome to Practice Pizzazz! I’m Caitlin. I love kids and the violin, and I love teaching kids how to play the violin. Read More

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